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Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee that you´ll always receive our best price when you book on our website, therefore we´re offering you our best price guarantee.

The price guarantee applies to bookings made on our website and that you in the unlikely event find the same room sold at a better price, at the same date, type of room category, number of hotel guests, number of nights, the same hotel and the same terms and conditions on another website.



If you find a better price on another website we´re offering you

• 25% off the matching rate


The price guarantee does not apply for

• Campaign rates or bookings/rates that are non-public such as rates for companies and travelagencies, promotional rates for groups and conferences or where the hotel name is not given until after booking and special "member only rates" which are only available to members of special programs or associations.
• "Auction type discounts" offered through other websites.
• Bookings for more than 9 rooms.
• Exchange difference
• Websites for examples (but not limited to),, and These are not partners of the PATRICK HELLMANN SCHLOSSHOTEL, wherefore we do not accept responsibility or liability for the content of these websites.
• Rates on on-request websites that do not provide immediate hotel confirmations, including any website or mobile application that require five minutes or more to receive a booking confirmation.


For the price guarantee to be valid, the following criteria must be fulfilled:

• The booking has to be made on
• If you found a room with better price at the same hotel within twenty-four (24) hours from when the booking was made, and that your application is sent in no later than twenty-four (24) hours from when the booking was made and no later than 72 hours prior to arrival.
• The same type of room
• The same number of people
• The same arrival date
• The same departure date
• The same currency
• The same number of nights
• The same terms and conditions on another website
• The price guarantee applies only to rates available to the general public
• All requests are subject to verification by the PATRICK HELLMANN SCHLOSSHOTEL and it´s important that we can verify the better price on the other website the request applies to. Attach the url to the website of where you found the better price on.


The PATRICK HELLMANN SCHLOSSHOTEL reserves the right to adjust or terminate the rate guarantee at any time and without prior notice.


If needed send us a request via


For booking inquiries, please write to the following e-mail address:
or give us your call: +49 (0) 30 895 84 30

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